Venue Key:

AA Albany Arcade, Halifax Borough Market

GU Grayston Unity

M  Meandeing Bear

TM Temperance Movement



Events free unless stated.

Free your appreciation at the venue with a tip as it helps with our considerable costs and it will help us do this again.


WEEKEND TICKETS available:£60 plus a limited number of concession priced at £35. Under 11 are free. 



Marcus Jack exhibitions continue + hip hop dj set 4-7pm at TM.


12 noon MICHAEL AINSWORTH in conversation with CHRIS DYSON – GU– 5 decades of music promoting in Halifax, and with a few stories to tell.


1pm     THE LAST PEACH STORY – GU. The story of one of Calderdale’s long lost bands with members of the original line up and their manager in conversation with CHRIS DYSON. 


2pm     JOHN ROBB in conversation with CHRIS DYSON – GU. John is a music journalist, founder of Louder Than War, singer and music commentator.


3pm     HIND & THE JAFFA CAKES – AA –Founded at St Augustine’s Refugee & Asylum Centre, it has at times included musicians from the centre: Iranians, Kurds, Syrians, Salvadoreans, Lebanese & Jews..


3pm     PROF. PAUL HOLLINS  & GUESTS ASK: CAN PUNK SAVE THE PLANET? -  GU.Inspired by Music Declares.Guest to be announced.


4pm     NATURAL RYTHYM – AA – Natural Rythym are a 5 piece Bradford based traditional Jamaican ska reggae band.They are a big part of the current British and European ska.


4pm THE GOLDEN LION STORY – GU. Gig & Waka tell the story of this remarkable venue/pub in conversation with Chris Dyson.


4pm Hip Hop Dj Set – TM.


7.30pm  CHANTEL McGREGOR + The Hazy Janes – The AA.An absolute must see for lovers of the blues. Her 5 albums have positioned her as one of the leading UK blues players. Strong support from The Hazy Janes. Buy a ticket.


8.45pm  HOLIDAY GHOSTS – GU. Remember what the Clean, The Go Betweens & the Modern Lovers promised you? A life cracked open with possibilities. This band are ace!Buy a ticket.


10pm till 1am    JAMES ENDEACOTT & SYBIL BELL – Dj Set. GU.Legendary music figure James returns to his home town accompanied by the founder of Independent Venue Week for a dj set to end off the Saturday. 



Marcus Jack exhibitions continue.


2pm  TREVOR SIMPSON  ‘Small Town Saturday Night’- The GU.Author Trevor recounts the fascinating music nightlife of Halifax from the late 50s to the 1970s, a time when the town hosted live music in a number of venues many nights of the week and attracting some of the biggest names in pop. A must for any music lover. Tickets £5 (pay on the day).


3pm WONKY PUSS . TM. There’s nothing quite like Wonky Puss. Funny observations about life and things you don’t think about delivered in a style very much of their own!


3pm     THE BURNING HELL + Gordon McKinney – AA.Newfoundland’s finest and big faves on 6 Music return to the UK..expect to laugh, smile & reflect all at once. Support from Oklahoma’s finest with lush meoldies.Buy a ticket.


4pm THE UNITY TRIO – GU. Expect chilled laid back jazz standards from Meandering Bear’s house band.


4pm APPEL 4 – MB.These guys can’t half play…gyspy jazz taking you to a smoky bar in Paris, lose yourself. 


6.30pm MATHIAS KOM + TOBY GOODSHANK (of The Burning Hell) – GU. Mathias & Toby will be playing songs from their Roger Miller tribute album released this September.. this is a bonus treat for Burning Hell fans.



7.30pm KATIE SPENCER – GU. Katie’s 2nd album, just released, has picked up stella reviews..her playing and sound recalls elements of the great early 70s folk & songwriter movements. Buy a ticket.